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Essay on poverty alleviation in south africa

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F oreign aid, is the transfer and loaning of funds, international goods or services from one country to another. It is often transferred from one developed economy to another developing country. However, the efficacy of aids for poverty alleviation in Africa has lost its objective. Since the s, the idea that huge sums of donations can remedy poverty has dominated economic development discourses.

Social Problems In South Africa Essay

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However, the ramifications of the apartheid regime still continue to be an impediment to social and economic development and alleviating poverty in South Africa due to its impacts on the social structure, security nets and family life. Due to the apartheid legacy, income inequality remains prevalent with 1 percent of the population owning nearly The unemployment rate currently stands at nearly 28 percent due to the recessionary conditions in the country. Despite the efforts of the organizations like Child Support grant, the administration in South Africa struggles to deal with the implementation of care arrangements for these children especially those who live in more remote and rural communities. Since the collapse of apartheid in the country, the African National Congress ANC party has embarked on a variety of neo-liberal and market reforms to liberalize the trade and commerce of the economy to avoid a potential poverty trap. Yet, these policies exacerbated disparities and inequalities in the economy and cast a great degree of skepticism about mainstream economics and neo-liberal policies centered around deregulation and privatization.

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Ozler, However, providing services to the millions of still disadvantaged South Africans can. Big cities of the rich American world comprise great extremes of wealth and poverty. The same is true of the cities of the poor world, if not more true. Specifically, Cape Town experienced racial segregation during and after apartheid, which contributed to the making of rigid class systems.
The solution is to increase access to education to all people, especially young women. Currently, in Kenya, education is accessible to many, but the infrastructure of the society limits who can get this education. Public schools are not great or widespread, and many require uniforms which are too expensive for those who would need to attend. Likely, if a family can afford to purchase a uniform, they can also afford to send their child to a private academy where they will get a quality education.

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